China’s Illegal Movements from all over the World

In September 2023, China’s spy balloon incident raised tensions between China and several other countries. The incident was suspected of being equipped with advanced surveillance technology equipped with a large balloon believed to have been launched by Chinese authorities.

The balloon was first discovered by Japan and was later tracked by South Korea, the United States, and other countries. Concerns are growing over China’s territorial ambitions and military power as it is known to have flown over disputed areas in the West Sea and the East Sea.

The incident sparked diplomatic protests from several countries, including Japan, South Korea and the United States. China denied any wrongdoing and claimed the balloon was a scientific research project. However, the incident has raised concerns about the use of China’s active foreign policy and technological development for strategic purposes.

This case highlights the potential risks and challenges posed by new technologies in international relations, and the need for transparency and cooperation between countries to prevent similar events in the future.

By: Yoong Kim