Bruises on Emotions

We live in a world where governments and their officials are very open to their actions and decisions. We have the right to know and remember everything and recall what was wrong and what was right. Nonetheless, to this day, there are still people who do not acquire these kinds of rights, living in a world that is colorless and blind. “The Giver” demonstrates these kinds of color blindness and creates a world with no memory or uniqueness.

It is a day-to-day aspect for us to see the world as a colorful place, where everything can be easily noticed. In contrast, in the world of “The Giver,” there is no color, and people are completely colorblind. People are restricted from knowing and thinking and are ordered to think the way the ruler thinks. The whole deed can be classified as gaslighting – a form of emotional abuse in abusive relationships, which manipulates others’ thoughts, memories, and decisions (Morris). People see gaslighting in many incidents: top superstars gaslighting fans, trying to make fans believe and feel empathy, regardless of if it is right or wrong. A colorful and open-eyed world still has incidents where gaslighting is common. Furthermore, some people are subjected to remaining blind in the colorful world, living as they were ordered to think and act. In order not to be affected by gaslighting, there are no solutions or instructions; it is up to you. The rich and the smart are unconsciously permitted to gaslight the poor and the less intelligent people in this society. Unfortunately, this society allows the higher class to have complete dominance over people, which can be easily seen in politics, dominating the supporters. Many gaslighted people are common to make wrong decisions thinking it is right, then regretting it afterward. Not blaming the victims, it is crucial to raise awareness on the topic of gaslighting. Avoid thinking one-sided. Think with neutrality.

Escape from the colorless world and enter the colorful world with every other people. Believe, think, and act for yourself. You have the power to avoid, stop, and escape from gaslighting.

By:Jinha Hwang