Bavarian Vibe in Oktoberfest

Due to the outsized impact of the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide, people started to emphasize the importance of social distancing, which led to the cancellation of festivals and big annual events. Imagining the day when the COVID-19 pandemic subsides, let’s look forward to going to the Oktoberfest festival in Munich, Germany.

The Oktoberfest is a German festival that takes place in the spacious fairground named
Theresienwiese (“Theresa’s fields”) in Munich (Oktoberfest.De). It began on October 12, 1810, to celebrate the marriage of the crown prince of Bavaria, the future King Ludwig I, and Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen.

Since this festival has a deep-rooted history, visitors of this festival mostly wear traditional Bavarian clothing. For men, they have to wear lederhosen with a checkered or white button-up shirt, and an Alpine hat with feathers. Ladies often wear traditional dirndl–knee-length dresses, white blouses, aprons, and comfortable shoes (Oktoberfest Tours). The dressed people join the Maximilianstraße, the event when the hunters’ parade takes place with folk music.

Another unique feature of the Oktoberfest is food and beverages. As Munich, Germany is the hometown of beer and sausages, visitors can enjoy beer, Würstl (sausages), and Schweinshaxe (roasted ham hock) in the beer tents.

Unfortunately, the Oktoberfest has been canceled for this year due to the pandemic and global health issues. However, as Oktoberfest 2022 is planned to take place from September 17 to October 3 of 2022, you will be able to shout out “O’ Zapft Is!” and relish the old Bavarian culture next year if you go to the Oktoberfest.

By: Jieun Kim