Why Halloween is Celebrated

Trick Or Treat! It is already the day, where kids and parents run around their neighborhoods, knocking on doors, and shouting out from the bottom of their lungs, “Trick or Treat!”. However, why has Halloween even existed until now? 

People have always followed the trend that it was from the past without indeed knowing the history behind it. It all started from the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. Celts, people who lived 2,000 years ago in Ireland, believed that the line that kept from the living and the dead was blurred out on the night of October 31, and suspected that the dead made a return to earth. People were scared, horrified with the event, making Celtic priests to comfort people during the long, dark winter. 

The celtic came up with an idea of building large sacred bonfires, where people gathered to burn crops they grew and sacrifice animals to Celtic deities. Celts wore costumes that were able to scare the spirit out which were typically animal skin or head. After the whole event, people light up the bonfire again, making them feel protected during the upcoming winter.

Centuries have past, which means lots of trends have changed. Overall Halloween is a unique event where people get excited and spooky to gather and knock on the neighborhoods’ door asking for treats! However, Halloween was once a day where people were horrified, making them do anything to kick out the dead from the living boundary. 

by. Naun Lee