The Shape Town

Circle moves into a new village with excitement. Circle is dreaming of all the good things that would happen in this town. Circle looks around and sees that everyone in this village has vertices. One of the villagers is Square, the most huge and powerful shape in the town. 

Square approaches Circle and says, “You don’t even have one vertex? Ew, you’re weird!” 

Triangle, Square’s friend, adds on, “You are so weird! How can you not have a vertex?”
Other shapes are watching it, but no one dares to interrupt Square because Square is very strong. Square is a bully in the town who picks on other shapes. Rectangle, part of the crowd, wants to stand up for Circle, but Rectangle is too scared to stand up against Square. Day after day, Square’s bullying got more extreme. One day, Square sets a trap for Circle with Triangle. Square and Triangle are hiding and watching. Circle falls into the trap and starts crying. 

Square and Triangle come out and tease Circle, “Circle is so stupid, and Circle has no vertex! Circle is so stupid, and Circle has no vertex!” 

Rectangle hesitates to help Circle because Square is too strong and mean. Eventually, Rectangle goes up to where Square, Triangle, and Circle are. 

Rectangle claims, “You shouldn’t bully Circle.”

 Square responds, “It’s none of your business.”

Triangle adds, “Circle deserves getting bullied because Circle doesn’t have a vertex.” 

Rectangle explained, “All shapes are different, and they are all beautiful in their ways.” 

Square argued, “Everyone else in this town has a vertex! Circle is the weird one!”

At the same time, a new villager comes to the Shape Town: Oval. Rectangle welcomes Oval and leaves with Oval and Circle. Rectangle, Circle, and Oval become best friends. They do everything together. They go to the beach and play volleyball together. Another day, they hold a BBQ party. Other villagers come to the BBQ party.

Pentagon apologizes, “Circle, I am sorry for not standing up against Square. It was wrong for me to stay back. I was so scared. I am sorry.”

Diamond states, “Circle, I am sorry as well. Also, you were so brave, Rectangle! Standing up against Square isn’t an easy thing to do, but you did it so well!”

Someone arrived at the BBQ party. Rectangle and Circle go out to greet them. It was Square and Triangle! 

Square acknowledged, “Sorry, Circle. I never met anyone who had no vertices. I was scared of you, and that was why I was so mean to you. Could you accept my apology? I will never bully anyone from now on. I learned that everyone is different. Thank you Rectangle for teaching me that.”

Circle happily accepted Square’s apology, and all of them become friends. All of the shapes in the Shape Town lived happily ever after.

By: Miso Kim