Sudden Collapse of NASDAQ

There was a big surprise in the NASDAQ stock price.

During the current 1 month, NASDAQ has declined by 11 percent, but if the price Excluding the recovered stock price, it fell more than 13 percent. The major cause of this sudden collapse is due to declined stock prices of the major stocks. Amazon has announced that they made a loss for the 1st quarter of 2022. This is Amazon’s first quarterly deficit in about seven years. However, Amazon is not the only cause for the NASDAQ’s collapse. Other major stocks also declined as well due to the supply chain disruption. China’s zero-Corona policy and the suspense between Russia and Ukraine was the cause. In addition, Netflix as well showed their first decline in the streaming chart due to increasing rival companies.

It is now unpredictable how investors would react to the uncertainty of the United States’ economy. The Fed’s solution is expected when the supply chain problem remains unresolved.

By. Sonbom Lee

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