Situation in Myanmar with the Coup

As more attention is drawn to Myanmar, more interest in the democratization of Myanmar is invested. Over a year has passed since the breakout of the Coup, which has influenced Myanmar as a whole, but to a larger scale the world. Since February of 2021, the coup has been ongoing and the military has gone to rule the country. However, after the epidemic of the coup in March and April, not much has been done nor invested back. There is less awareness, yet rising scenes in Myanmar continue. This is one of the biggest coups in the 21st century. 

The Burmese coup was initially started due to the NLD ( National League of Democracy)’s member, Aung San Suu Kyi, winning the general election by a huge margin. Aung San Suu Kyi was also awarded as a Nobel Peace Prize Winner in 1991, restoring democracy in general in Myanmar. Moreover, she was sentenced to 6 years of jail, an extra 5 due to miscellaneous or invalid charges. The military has been extremely strong in presence and citizens have been paid to support the military. 

Over 1500 citizens have been killed over time due to the coup and thousands of others were injured. Many citizens are wanted, and continuously have to move around the country, or to an extreme extent: leave the country in order to find safety and foster security. Moreover, citizens have been extremely concerned about the situation and have

been requesting help from local embassies located in Myanmar. Many citizens have been impacted and are seeking asylum from the local forces. 

A lot of attention and interest was also provided from the international communities around the war, and support from both individuals and the government. The US and the UK have imposed sanctions on military officials, and the UN continuously shows interest in the problem. Korea has also been supportive of individuals coming in from Myanmar. Albeit the large coup is happening and requires more awareness in order for the coup to end.

By. Kaiden Shin

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