New 580,000 quare feet LED Sphere Opens in Las Vegas

After three years of construction, the Sphere at the Venetian Resort had its grand opening on September 29. Standing 370 feet (112m) high and 510 feet (155m) wide, the Sphere can house more than 18,000 people and even fit the entire Statue of Liberty in its stadium. Its 580,000 square feet surface is covered in 16K resolution LED screens, which can cover almost 4 football fields. These high-res screens provide a surreal virtual reality-like experience for the crowd. This seemingly impossible feat was accomplished with the help of science and mathematical formulas. 

A = 4πr^2, the equation used to find the area of a sphere, was one of the most basic formulas used in building the Sphere. Engineers also used the equation V=4πr^3/3, which is used to calculate the volume of a sphere, to calculate the size of LED displays to be installed inside the arena and the interior square footage of the venue. In addition to the Laplacian, the Cauchy Momentum Equation, and the Sellmeier Equation, various formulas and mathematical laws were used to place cameras, design pipes and hoses for steam and air, and calculate light filtering. Thanks to the calculations and innovative design, the audience at the Sphere could feel like they were transported to a whole new world. 

(U2:UV Achtung Baby Live At The Sphere, The Sphere, Las Vegas) 

(“Wave” by d’strict, Coex) 

This gigantic LED stadium may even come to South Korea. With another sphere already under construction in London, Hanam City made a MOU contract with Sphere Entertainment Co. to build one at Misari Park. Demonstrated by the Korean design company district’s enormous LED screen media art, the “Wave” at Coex, Korea has the technology to build its own sphere. The future plan is bright, and we expect to see the Sphere in Korea very soon.

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By. Timothy Han