Music and Artificial Intelligence

Music has served as a technological medium rather than the classical side, which allowed the incorporation of music with other interdisciplinary fields. Although the music industry might seem simple, there are complicated technological collaborations which allow convenience in our daily lives.

For instance, the music Genome project, a Pandora innovation that provides a personalized recommendation playlist based on 450 criteria, is an affiliation between music technology and other fields–psychology and computer science. Although the artificial intelligence system might be imperfect, the music Genome project serves as a core technology of Pandora, which allows people to discover new music that fits their preferences.

Musicians tend to consider the use of technological assistance in music as a disgrace because they disregard the computers’ musicality. However, the unconstitutionally followed conventions might set unnecessary boundaries to the originality in music. As technological advancement is accelerating, the intervention of computers and artificial intelligence is inevitable.

Artificial intelligence still needs to be completely developed to be introduced into our daily lives. However, its power has been showcased in various fields. Although art might seem distinct as it values human creativity, the pursuit of ingenuity requires a reconciliation of technology and human beings.

By. Brenson Ha