Cloud Computing: The Future of Convenient PC

People always seek more convenience in high-tech devices. From hefty computers to lighter laptops and one-handed smartphones, apparatus forms have changed to assist in portability. Still, only computers possess certain practical advantages such as working on a job that requires effective CPU or playing games with briliant graphics. The rapid development of software technology have provoked problems that ordinary users’ computers cannot handle. However, a development in “Cloud Computing” technology could solve this problem. Cloud computing is the on-demand availability of computing resources as services over the internet. It eliminates the need for users to procure, configure, or manage resources themselves.

Cloud Gaming could be the best application of Cloud Computing. For example, Google Stadia, a game streaming service from Google, directly allows users to play games by streaming. Google Stadia uses Youtube’s streaming functionality called “State Share” that stream games directly from the server to the player. Therefore, it allows people to play AAA title games anywhere without having a good computer that was needed to play high-quality games.

How is the data transferred? Google, for instance, uses the user’s keyboard or controller as input and responds as quickly as possible to transfer data to its servers. After the transfer, the server accesses data from other companies and produces it to users as output shown on their screen. The speed of the streaming server transfers data at 35Mbps of data per second, which is about 15.75GB per hour. The high speed provides users an interactive experience.

Cloud computing is playing a major role in our daily lives. This technology will further narrow the gap between the rich and the poor in the future because it depends solely on the Internet availability.

Image Source: SpiceWorks

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By. Daniel Ha