Itaewon Crash Accident

The accident ahead of Itaewon was a crush accident caused by a large crowd in a narrow alley while people were trying to enjoy the Halloween festival on the streets of Itaewon. At this time, the streets of Itaewon included various foreigners, including Koreans. The reason for this accident seems to have been a huge problem, such as the public disorder in the atmosphere of the Xbox situation and the careless attitude of the people. Whenever many people gather in a narrow street in Itaewon, small or large accidents can always occur in the festive atmosphere of Halloween.

It seemed that the Halloween event was overheating year after year, and the event was relatively disordered despite the rapid increase in participants. For example, Hongdae and Lotte World’s crowds and other places in Seoul were so large that they could not be

compared to other downtowns or amusement parks, especially Itaewon and Hongdae, which are very cramped.

In addition, the idea that people are safe even if there are so many people and the uncooperative attitude in the large crowd is one of the reasons that made the accident worse.

By. Yoong Kim