Covid-19 Pandemic alongside with Flu Epidemic This Winter

US health officials have warned a massive secondary spread of Covid-19 in the following winter. It is a concern not just for the officials but for many others, since it is likely that there will be an another huge population shift. 

The spread of Covid-19 in the United States seems to be subdued, yet not too noticeably. Unfortunately, there is an alarming news regarding Covid-19. This time, the CDC director Robert Redfield of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention officially presented that the Coronavirus might have a secondary outbreak, implying that the Covid-19 can overlap with the flu epidemic that usually spread around winter. If that is the case, then people might be in a situation that is more dangerous than the primary proliferation. 

Moreover, Redfield warned about the maintainability of the health system. There is a way to prevent such disaster, however. People can stay free of disease if they get vaccinations for the flu before the pandemic. Then, less people would be infected, resulting in an increase of hospital capacity. This would help the hospital to serve other Covid-19 patients which will, therefore, prevent further spread. 

Nonetheless, if the cures or vaccines for the Covid-19 run out, and the community stop discussing about its resolution, then the Coronavirus will last to become one of the most fatal virus that goes around each winter.  

-Written By: Eleanor Seo