“AI Referee”

Many people love to watch sports games with their friends or family, rooting for their team. We all know every sport should be fair for every player with equal chance. If players receive unfair judgment, people will be upset about it. Every sport has a rule and every player must follow it. To keep in check whether players are keeping the rule, the referee stands beside them on every game, monitoring them.

Referees must be fair to anyone. However, sometimes, almost in every sports event, referees are blamed for being unfair. No matter whether the referee is right or not, the game must follow the referee’s claim. Even if it is true that the referee had made a mistake, if the referee does not agree, no change can be made.

To prevent this from happening, an AI referee is being developed. These AI referees are much more accurate than human referees and are fair to everyone. The machine doesn’t have emotions or nations, so they can make rational judgments.

Baseball is one of the sports that is famous all over the world but also has a lot of complaints because of the referee. Every game of baseball is judged by a referee. Most of these complaints are derived when the pitcher throws the ball or the batter goes to base. Since referees are human, they make mistakes. Because of the referee’s incorrect judgments, players get angry at them. The AI referee in baseball can precisely calculate the spot where the pitcher has thrown the ball, whether it is strike or ball. Also, they can slow down the video of the batter and defender to check who arrived first. They can subdivide the time into milliseconds. They also change the strike zone of the pitcher depending on their weight and height.

On the other hand, soccer is, I believe, the most famous sport in the world. There are many sports events on it. Referees in soccer also matter a lot. There are a lot of rules in soccer. Going against the rule happens a lot in soccer. The referee runs along with the player from the start of the game looking for any foul play. Sometimes referees fail to see the foul. If a referee fails to see it, nothing can be done to the player. So, the AI referees can see every action of the player carefully all the time. No player can foul play behind the referee.

By: Hyunsu Park